Sunday, May 13, 2007

Car Number Plate Auction in UAE Sets New World Record

An auction that took place yesterday in Abu Dhabi (capital of UAE) created a new world record for auction of a car number plate. The event was organized to raise money for people with special needs and accident victims.

The single digit number plate “5” beat the world record that was held in Yorkshire, Britain where the number plate M1 had fetched Dh2.39 million ($657,160) last year. The number 5 became the most expensive plate after it fetched Dh25.2 million ($6.85 million). The winning bidder was Mr. Talal Al Khoury an Abu Dhabi businessman. Mr. Khoury said “I offered the highest bid for a cause. All the money I have does not belong to me; it is given to me by God for a reason. I am giving back this money to those who need it”. Very lofty thoughts and a yeoman service indeed. When asked if the number 5 had any significance he said “No”.

There were a total of 41 special auction plates and a total of Dh100 million ($27 million) was collected from the auction proceeds. More than 700 people attended the auction.

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