Thursday, March 29, 2007

World's Tallest Man Weds in China!

The worlds tallest man; a Chinese; Bao Xishun, 56, has found his love last week! Bao; a herdsman holds the Guinness Book of World Records title for the tallest living man at his height of 2.36 meters (7 ft, 9-inch). He weighs around 165 kilograms. Bao was longing to marry since the past year and has met his match in his home town in China. It was the first wedding for him and his bride.

It is said that Bao was of normal height till 16 years of age after which he gained incredible height in the next 7 years. His height is said to be a normal gain without any disorder; which normally is not the case for any one so tall.

Bao needed 10 meters of cloth to dress up for the Guinness title!

It is interesting to note that the tallest person of all time was Robert Wadlow (b.1918 to 1940) reached a height of 8 feet 11 inches until his death. Ajaz Ahmed of Pakistan and Leonid Stadnyk of Russia; both claim to be 8 feet 4 inches tall but their claims are controversial and still not accepted as Guinness Records. According to Guinness they are not properly measured and cannot be accepted.

His bride, Xia Shujuan is half his age and a mere 5 feet five inches tall and is 2 feet shorter. Well; I at 5 feet 8 inches would still have the 2 feet difference!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Cricket, India and the World Cup!

It's curtains for India on cricket; a sport watched by millions with its shameful loss to Lanka in the world cup. It was disastrous performance by Indians all the way. The match looked like a joke. Although I generally consider the game of cricket as a sport of 11 + 11 + 1 fools (2 teams of 11 each & the one watching it) I wouldn’t want to miss that critical match when India plays. After all I am an Indian; a country of cricket lovers and can’t be cut off from the sport completely!

India’s loss to Sri Lanka can only lower my interest in the game. It was sickening to see our 11 put up such a lackadaisical show. What has happened to the players? What is wrong with the top order batsman? What’s going on with Sachin Tendulkar? He couldn’t be dismissed more easily. I couldn’t believe that he got out trying to defend a ball! He literally threw his wicket away. A normal; regular pitch was what they were batting on.

Cricketers have been made demigods; the huge viewer ship making them so. They make millions but sadly their performance does not justify their fortunes. Cricket is a game of hype, big money, betting, match fixings and a platform for the corporate world to sell its wares. It is the man on the street with his inexplicable love of the sport that has contributed to what the sport is today. The BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket of India) is one of the richest sporting bodies of the world.

Frequent allegations of match fixing has waned my interest in cricket. There is every chance that the big match that you are watching is a “fixed” one. Bob Woolmer’s murder shows the gory nature and complexities the sport involves. As one newspaper reported “cricket is war without bullets”.

With India's defeat I must ask Team India this: Can you guys beat Bermuda?

With India’s ignominious defeat to Bangladesh and abrupt exit from the world cup scene all kinds of jokes are doing the rounds on the World Wide Web. Here is a good joke I received.

Rahul Dravid Got Caught!
After the shameful defeat of Team India, the team members were not able to show their faces to people and they chose not to go in public and rather just pack up in hotel rooms.

Dravid could not resist for too long to be in the hotel room and still not be able to go out shopping. So he disguises himself as an Arab and goes out. He meets a woman at the exit of the hotel who greets him "Hi Dravid!"

Surprised for having been caught he comes back and makes himself up as a muslim woman - in Burkha etc and goes out. Yet the same woman greets him "Hi Dravid!"

Dravid comes back determined to give it yet another try with the make up of a Hippie wig and shorts etc. All in vain, the same lady catches him again and greets him "Hi Dravid!"

Bewildered by now, he could not help asking, "How did you recognize me?"

The lady replied - "I am Sachin!"

Citizendium to Compete With Wikipedia

A co-founder of Wikipedia Larry Sanger has launched Citizendium last week. Citizendium is currently in Beta. According to the founder “the world needs a better free encyclopedia”. The bywords go as “Citizens compendium of everything”. Citizendium works much like Wikipedia with similar MediaWiki Software; but it claims to provide more authentic and accurate information on any subject. It aims to improve on Wikipedia and take it to the next level by introducing more controls at every stage. According to Citizendium; Wikipedia is plagued by problems with defamation and vandalism, in addition to factually incorrect entries. Sanger hopes to change this.

Citizendium is different from Wikipedia in that it requires users to register with their real names. It makes contributions accountable. Anyone who registers with their full name can contribute. Secondly; the articles submitted by users are governed by a board of editors who are supposedly experts in their chosen fields. Sanger claims to currently have over 180 editors and over 800 plus authors. An author can start and edit an article and an editor can decide which version of an article is approved and which requires an academic background in a particular area of expertise. Contributions are monitored by Constables. A "CZ Constable" can be a volunteer who is required to have a bachelor's degree and be of at least 25 years of age. These constables (like for example Sanger) will have the authority to ban inappropriate or factually wrong contributors. Articles vetted by editors and constables become “CZ Live” articles. A CZ Live article is one which has undergone significant changes (not grammatical or spelling corrections). Articles are finally approved and fall in the category of “approved articles”.

Will Citizendium succeed? Well; I think Citizendium has a long way to go if it has to beat Wikipedia. For one thing the first entrant in any breakthrough service or technology always takes the lions share. For Citizednium to grab a share of Wikipedia will not be a small task. Remember that in just six years Wikipedia has 1.7 million articles in English alone. As of March 25 Citizendium had just 1100 articles. There is some truth in the allegation that Wikipedia sometimes provides incorrect information. On a few occasions Wikipedia has provided incorrect information. But in my view this is a small trade off to what is an amazing database of information that can be generally relied upon.

Good Luck Citizendium - Take on Wikipedia.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Tachyon Energy for Health and Well Being

Tachyon Energy, a new kind of invention is a health benefit tool that could be useful to millions. An American inventor David Wagner who is at the helm of an enterprise called Advanced Tachyon Technologies in California, USA has come out with tachyon products that are touted by the inventor to have positive health benefits.

So what is Tachyon Energy? The dictionary meaning of Tachyon is a sub atomic particle (particle smaller than an atom) in existence only in theory that travels faster than light. According to scientists Tachyon does not exist in the real world. A normal scientist will say that nothing travels faster than the speed of light. Light travels at the speed of approximately 186,282 miles per second, or 670,616,629.384 miles per hour, or almost one foot per nanosecond. Nothing is supposed to be faster than this. But not according to David Wagner – the tachyon energy coming out of his tachyon products is faster than this speed. Tachyon energy is what comes before the formation of light. Tachyon energy is a product of Free Energy. Free Energy is found everywhere in the universe. However traditional science has not accepted the existence of free energy and tachyon energy.

There is some evidence to prove that tachyon energy and free energy exits and can be harnessed for the good of mankind. It is said that Nikola Tesla; the brilliant (but unsuccessful and unlucky) scientist of the last century drove a car at 80mph without any source of power (neither fuel nor batteries). He claimed to do that with the use of free energy. Sadly the brilliant invention did not see the light of the day.

So how do Tachyon products of Advanced Tachyon Technologies work? According to David Wagner this is done through a 14 day tachyonization process during which time ordinary materials are converted to tachyon antennas. The tachyonization process is permanent and needs to be done only once after which it can emit tachyon energy that has countless benefits. The inventor claims that he had the answers to the process of tachyonization through Channeling.

How do they actually work? Tachyon energy products work on the subtle fields of the body. The subtle field of the body is nothing but the aura of the body. Every person, animal or thing (even a lifeless thing) rests within this aura. Everything that is made of spinning atoms has an aura. The stronger the aura or subtle fields the healthier is the organ / object. Tachyon products restore the aura of the afflicted or injured or diseased organ by supplying tachyon energy and restoring balance. A healthy aura means a healthy body. For example if the liver of a person is diseased then the aura of the liver will also be weak. In fact disease first starts with a deterioration of the aura of the liver and not the liver itself. This aura can be studied by a technique called Kirlian Photography. This can give a rough outline of the organ or object which in turn can be used to judge the vitality or state of the organ. However; even this is not accepted by normal medical science. David Wagner calls this aura as SOEF – Subtle Organizing Energy Fields.

I have personally used tachyon products like the tachyon silica disk and tachyon cell and would advise any one to try them out. They do have some truth in them and are worth testing. Tachyon energy has absolutely no side effects. Either the body uses the energy or it does not. So they are supposedly very safe. I use the silica disk to charge the drinking water. The water charged this way is made superior and this can be verified using the right instruments like a life force energy capable device. I urge on all of you to try their products. I agree that it all seems unrealistic and unacceptable; but it does no harm to try them out. Be reminded that their products are quite expensive. I get nothing by promoting their products. I am just sharing my knowledge.

You can buy the the book written by Wagner here.

You can order all products online at their company site. Do not order tachyon products from any where else. I advise you to start with the silica disk or a tachyon energy cell. There are some fake ones available in the market with no real effects.

Do let me know of what you think if you use these products. In the words of the inventor "Tachyon is changing everything". "Tachyon is not a frequency - It is the source of all frequencies".