Saturday, May 05, 2007

Desi Notes - Random Ramblings Of A Desi Baba! is a blog written by Sunny – A "Desi Baba" and a 20’s something student from Bangladesh based in USA. I stumbled upon his blog a few months ago and have become a daily visitor. In fact I have become a bit of an addict to his random musings on various topics.

Sunny’s first love seems to be “making money in the online world”. But I have seen that he blogs about anything that interests him. Sunny is continually tweaking and making adjustments to his blog theme. His blog has a simple and elegant look. He had recently changed the header to “Work at Home Blog” but again got back to more relevant wordings “Random musings of a Desi Baba - Entertainment, Work at Home, Technology, Personal Development, Saving Money, Real Estate” which I think summarizes his blog well. I would not agree with him if he says that his blog is only about making money online.

Well, what do I like about his blog? Although he sometimes shares writings of others that he comes across; his blog is generally a compilation of his original ideas and thoughts. He writes in simple words and shares his strategies and ideas for online success. He posts everyday. He blogs about what he learns in the online world. He has made his blog successful by his hard work. Currently his blog gets more than a 1,000 hits a day. As a blogger I know how difficult it is to get that kind of traffic. In less than a years time he has taken the blog to this level. This is fantastic achievement. Not only that he has monetized his blog successfully and makes some decent money every month. His visitor base is constantly increasing.

There are things on which he can improve and take his blog to greater heights. Firstly I would advise him to do more homework on the topics that he blogs. Some times his posts provide insufficient and little information. He needs to get deeper, get more facts and then submit a post. He can do this by reducing the frequency and number of posts. I find that he writes 2-3 articles a day. He can cut down to just one post a day and make it a high quality post like for example John Chow or Darren Rowse. Secondly he needs to work on the grammar part of his postings. Frequently there are spelling mistakes and grammar imperfections. Perhaps he is unaware of this. He has to do better proof reading and work on his English skills before he hits the “submit button”.

All in all his is a blog I like. The blog has great potential. Sunny has the potential to take it to greater heights; having reached this level. He is passionate about blogging. I am sure he will. Good luck Sunny in your blogging endeavors.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Use Joost To Watch Streaming TV On The Internet

Joost is a service that allows you to watch TV on the web. Joost created a lot of buzz recently when it went into full business. Joost works using peer to peer technology; similar to song sharing services like Napster, Kazaa etc. Joost is a venture of Niklas Zennström and Janus Friis founders of Skype and Kazaa. These guys received $2.6 billion when they sold Skype to ebay in 2005.

Joost is a new way of watching television. You can flip channels and watch hundreds of channels. Many channels are for worldwide viewing. Some are restricted only to US. The advantage of Joost is that you can watch whenever you want and as often as you like. No more schedules. Joost is supposed to deliver almost TV like resolutions and in some cases DVD like clarity.

Joost is still in beta and currently you need an invite from a user to sign up for the service. If you have friends using Joost you can ask for an invite. Once you sign up you can download the Joost software after which you can watch TV. Over 150 channels are available currently ranging from sports, to documentaries and cartoons. Many of the popular TV channels can be viewed on Joost. To check out the list of available channels click here

The clarity of the TV channels also depends on the number of people using the service. The more the number of people the better the user experience. Needless to say a broadband internet connection is necessary to get the full potential of this service. Also remember that you should not have restrictions on download from your service provider. Joost is a streaming video application, and so uses a relatively high amount of bandwidth per hour. In one hour of viewing, approximately 320Mb data will be downloaded and 105Mb uploaded, which means that it will exhaust a 1Gb cap in 10 hours.

The byword of Joost is “TV anywhere anytime”.

I have heard and read that the quality of the viewing is decent. I have still not tried Joost. Can any one send me an invite? I will sign up and try it out.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Video: Amazing And Funny Stunts!

Watch this video. I was kind of comparing him to "Rajnikant" the South Indian film star well known for such antics. This guy clearly outdoes him! Rajnikant needs training from this guy!