Sunday, June 03, 2007

Mukesh Ambani to Build a Mansion

Mukesh Ambani; the son of the legendary Dhirubhai Ambani of Reliance Industries is building his house in Mumbai – A mansion that that will cost $1 billion and will be 170 meters tall! It will supposedly be managed by a staff of 600 people. The house is being built on a 4,500 square meter plot. The building will have 27 floors and construction is currently under progress. The tower will have parking facility for the first 6 floors. The tower will provide a view of the entire city of Mumbai. It will have 3 helipads an entertainment floor, swimming facilities and a health floor.

Critics are saying that this is an ostentatious display of wealth. Well I think there is nothing wrong in flaunting wealth. Most billionaires do it. Ambani has it and is showing it off! Forbes places Mukesh Ambani with a fortune of $20.1 billion as of March 2007. Of course the richest global Indian is Lakshmi Mittal with a fortune of $32 billion who is the fifth richest in the world.