Monday, April 23, 2007

Vuguru To Provide Quality Videos & Host Own Content

Vuguru is an online video company launched recently. Vuguru deserves mention because it is owned by Michael Eisner the former high flying CEO of Walt Disney Company.

Vuguru has a two pronged approach: Hosting quality videos on their site and secondly producing and distributing story driven content.

Considering that over 100,000 videos are uploaded on leading websites like youtube, myspace and a dozen others, it is difficult to separate the “cream” from the milk. At Vuguru the selection of quality videos is done by humans and not computers since Vuguru believes that nothing can work like the human mind. There is some truth to it. Vuguru will scour the web for quality videos and bring them to you. At the moment Vuguru is posting one video every day which it alls the “Cream”. These are not new videos but are existing ones at various sites.

Secondly Vuguru will produce and distribute its own in-house videos. It has already launched the inaugural - A mystery drama called Prom Queen, which started off on April 2. This will be an 80 episode drama with 90-second clips, aimed at a tech-savvy teen audience. The videos will center on high school drama. This series will also be available through since Eisner is on the board of Veoh as well.

Keep an eye on Vuguru. It might turn out to be a winner.

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