Sunday, February 18, 2007

Scott Wade's Amazing Dust Art Pictures

What is the best any one can do with a dirty uncleaned car having a layer of dust on it? Wash it? Scribble some meaningless words on it? Scott Wade is different. When dust gets thick on the back window of a car he uses it much like a black drawing board to create some incredible art that is to be seen to be believed. He uses his fingers, brushes etc to carve amazing pictures - pictures that are as good as any art work. He lives in San Marcos and does this on the dirty cars in the locality he lives. Have a look and appreciate his masterly skills.

Scott Wade starting his Work

A Dirty Car

An Outline of his Work

Step Two

Job Finished! - This is "A Copy of C.M. Coolidge's - A Friend in Need"

Albert Einstein - Couldn't be better, right?

Mona Lisa's "Da Vinci" - In the background Vincent Van Gogh's "A Starry Night"

A Wildlife Scene!

A portrait of Kinky Friedman on the back of a Mazda driven by his Wife!

Work on a window covered with frost!

At his work; doing it to perfection

You can see Scott's work here in Statesman

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