Friday, February 23, 2007

Are You Not Blessed?

I received this by mail. Nice one. Just ponder a little bit...

It's difficult to keep focused on our own lives when the lives of others look so much happier and more prosperous. Our eyes wander and our minds make comparisons. There seems to be no fairness. We're good people, hard working people, kind and generous. Yet, all the blessings that fall out of the sky, land on someone else's head. It doesn't make sense.

Or does it?

When we compare our 'lack' to the 'plenty' of others, we lose sight of every blessed thing in our own lives. Jealousy creeps in and asks, "Why them?" Insecurity follows on its heels with, "Why not me?"

The value we place on the simplest things in our lives is the foundation that supports everything else we receive. Gratitude solidifies that foundation. When we're grateful for having our basic needs met, everything else is an extra blessing.

Open your eyes to the good in your life and see it. Open your heart and receive it. Don't look away, in longing, at the lives of others. You'll miss the work set before you, the opportunities to be filled up; the reason for your existence.

A blessing we see; is a blessing we're ready to receive.

We, who have so much, compared to the majority of people on this planet, need look no further than our own lives to find an incomparable abundance of blessings.

- Author Unknown

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