Thursday, December 28, 2006

Lovely Optical Illusions

An Old Lady or a Beautiful Young Girl?

Are the Two Vertical Lines Bent? Or are they Parallel to each other?
Fact: They are parallel to each other

An old lady an old man and two others? Ca you see all?

How many faces can you see in the above picture?

The two circles in the middle, which one is bigger?

Are they still; or moving?

A city full of houses or an audience for the performer?

This is the Impossible Ring
Do you only see a man in Spects or the word LIAR also?

Click on the above picture to open it in a new window. Then concentrate on the small dot. Can you see the bar in the left hand top changing color from grey to blue?
Which line is longer? Fact: They are both of the same size. Watch the above pic when it does an upside down!

Are the cogs still or moving?

Found the mother of the young one?

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