Sunday, June 17, 2007

Top Interesting World Facts!

I came across these very interesting facts - Facts that should be of interest to every one. The Top 10 in so many categories. Check yourself - How much do you know?

Just as I had thought - Paris France should take the top spot. The USA is missing in the list!

Can't comment on this - I am not an American nor do I live there...

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Best Cities to visit - Paris is down to 6th spot - Rome takes the number one place.

Finland is the cleanest - Canada had to figure. Switzerland and Sweden had to be here.

No wonder Switzerland Chocolates are the best!

I have heard of Michael Jordan, Muhammad Ali and Jesse Owens. Who are the others? Of course I'm no sports buff!

Ireland is no surprise.
Where are the UK & USA in alcohol consumption? Surprising that they don't figure.

This is for the first 6 months of 2005 - By now Toyota Camry must be at the top.

I am telling you - India's population will beat China's in 20 years time.

No surprise America has the maximum number of airports. Speaks volumes about the development in the USA.

What's wrong with Lithuanians? Love killing themselves? Surprisingly Finland, a rich country figures in the list.

Who can tell me why Maldives is so high on Divorces? USA is of course no surprise. Divorce is a way of life for Americans. They are such an unhappy lot.

I had expected UK to be on the top of the list. Strangely it does not even figure in the list. Finnish it appears love coffee.

I have heard of Maradona, Pele and Michale Owen. Who are the others? As I already said I am not a sports buff.

I'm not a car lover but would still love a drive in a "Dauer 962 LeMans". Is this German?

Cows are holy animals in India. They are worshiped. But I thought Brazil had more cows.

Nothing compares to India! Bearing children is a way of life. Millions are born every year. Thousands are born every day. I became a father on 17th last month! Honestly I would like to see the numbers go down.

USA has the maximum billionaires - it is a known fact. Expect to see India take at least the 10th place in the next few years.

The bigger the country the better. I'm happy to see India in the top 10 of the biggest countries.

I thought New Zealand consumed the most ice cream. Well; they take the second spot.

Average Iraq Family Size at 7.7 - India is there as well.

Death rates - Most of them are African Countries. Not one European country in the list.

Great World Cup goals - I've known Maradona, Owen, Pele and Baggio to be great soccer players.

India will beat China in 25 to 30 years as the nation with the worlds largest work force.

Japan and cars are synonymous - No disagreeing that Toyota is value for money.

I thought Alsatians were also very intelligent. Not in the list.

This most surprising - The most prosperous of nations suffer from low birth weight babies. Poorest of nations like India, Bangladesh are not figuring.

I just read in yesterday's newspaper that the Amazon river is the Longest River now. Nile is the second longest. List to be modified!

Source: unknown, via mail


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