Sunday, May 27, 2007

First Day Welcome in a Software Firm!

Software industry undoubtedly contributes to India's growth more than any other sector of the Indian economy. Year on a year basis the software industry continues to put up a spectacular performance. Despite a slight US slowdown and appreciating Indian rupee software majors like Infosys, Satyam, Wipro and TCS have come out with excellent results. Revenues rise and profits surge. Indian software engineers command amazing salaries in software. Recruiting and retaining skilled software professionals in India is not an easy task for a software company. It is getting costlier and harder for software firms to retain talent. Salaries for top performers have reached dizzying heights. Workers who are sacked from a company usually end up getting better offers. Average salary increases in India are now at around 14 per cent a year, compared with around 8 per cent in China. India’s top software firms plan to add 100,000 new jobs this fiscal year.

In light of the above, now watch this video.

This is a video of the first day in Aditi Technologies a Bangalore software firm. This was the welcome given by the company to the new employees. The CEO, VP, President, Senior Mangers, Board Members are all there welcoming the new staff! Unbelievable! Speaks of the extent to which software firms can go to keep employees happy. The video reminded me of my marriage which was much like this except that there was no elephant. Personally I would be uncomfortable with such a reception and would wonder if I came to the right place on my first day at work! Probably Aditi realizes that it is the employees that make a company. Well, I think it’s a smart move from the software firm.

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Rajesh Shakya said...

Hi Vinay!
Wonderful! I can't believe it. So it's already such a dearth of Software professionals in India? How much does an Indian developer earns a month in average?

I would like to link the same story in my blog also. Its really unbelievable.

Rajesh Shakya