Thursday, April 19, 2007

Conjoined Twins - Abigail and Brittany Hensel

Brittany (left) and Abigail (right) are conjoined twins. Born in 1990 they live in Minnesota, USA. They have two spines which join at the pelvis. They have two stomachs, three lungs, and two arms.

They appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show on April 8 and April 29, 1996. In September 1998, the twins were featured on the cover of Life under the caption "One Body, Two Souls", and their daily lifestyle was depicted in the corresponding article titled The Hensels' Summer. In 2003, an updated story of them at age 11 (filmed in 2001) was published in Time and again in Life.

Common organs

Most of Abigail and Brittany's shared organs lie below the waist line.

* 2 heads

* 2 arms—originally 3, but the short malformed central arm was removed

* 2 spinal cords and backbones—surgery corrected scoliosis

* 3½ lungs—surgery expanded their chest cavity while correcting scoliosis

* 2 breasts

* 2 hearts in a shared circulatory system—medicine taken by either affects both

* 1 liver

* 2 stomachs

* 3 kidneys

* 2 gallbladders

* 1 bladder

* 1 ribcage

* 1 large intestine

* 1 reproductive system

* 1 pelvis with 2 legs

You can read about Abigail & Brittany Hensel in Wikipedia

You can watch a short video clip of them here

You can read the Time Magazine article “The most intimate bond


Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for posting this...I threw up on my laptop and had to go buy a brand new one,but it turned out ok because i got a great deal and more memory!

If there is any evidence that God has a sense of humor,you just posted it :)

God Bless!

melissa said...

hey anonymous - Did you think it was clever to make fun of these girls? It is beyond me to understand how heartless people can be sometimes and how content they are to bask in their own ignorance.
i think it was very noble of the girls to post this site and i applaud their willingness to share about their lives.

dave said...

you are the evidence that god has a sense of humour.

dood said...

wow it must be really hard to live like that. words can not explain how much im shocked, but in a good way. i think they just have a normal, and fun life

Anonymous said...

I would like to clarify that I am not the first guy. Next I would like to say this : What right have we to judge God's creation?

The least we can do is treat them well and ensure that they fulfill their destiny (whatever that is).

To make them an object of ridicule may blow up in your face. Sorry if I have made you feel bad. But its about time we realised that we are taking too many things for granted. Be greatful. Live and let live.

Dont worry girls. The ones than scorn are children of a lesser god. Forgive them and move on.

Anonymous said...

So.. if they have sex, who actually would feel it then?

Anonymous said...

helow girls.. I am living in the Netherlands so I'm sorry if I can't explain what I mean..
I think you both are very strong girls. I wish you both the most best things in you're live ! And never listen to stupid things that some other people said.


Anonymous said...

Would sex with them count as a threesome? said...

i was just curious about your shoulder blades...i remember your show on the health chan. and thought, "wow, these chica's have some serious guts!"
but do you two constantly live in pain from innevidable bad posture?

Anonymous said...

Some of these comments are pretty shallow. C'mon people, let's put our heads together and come up with some better ones.

Anonymous said...

if we put our heads together then we would be the same as them

Anonymous said...

You go girls!


Anonymous said...

I think the girls are very very cute ^^

Anonymous said...

Hello Abigail and Brittany Hensel, i am 12 years old. I saw you girls on on dicovery health channel and i loved it. It must be kinda hard to be conjoined twins, but You have shown me that anything is possible and i hope you have a wonderful life. You two have shown me alot. good luck -jessi

heidi said...

Hey you girls, I saw you at my school the other day for a basketball game.
I just wanted to say that you guys are pretty amazing :]
Have a good day!


Anonymous said...

I'm from the UK and i saw you on Discovery Channel and i think that you two are very brave to do so, i can't imagine how you two can with what people must do or say. i wish you all the best in life and hope you enjoy what you have

Anonymous said...

you girls are seriously amazing!
i'm the same age as you, and i can't even imagine
as much as people say it must be so hard for you two, i happen to strongly disagree with them
in fact, i think you two are lucky, because you'll never be alone and can face life's challenges together. for conjoined twins, you two are in INCREDIBLE health. and to attest to that, i'll have you know that you two got your driver licenses way before i'll have mine (hopefully next month!) which is pretty neat.
the people who made those rude comments are just mean and suck
good luck in college :) i am curious as to where you two end up going, and whether you choose two different majors!

Rachel said...

Do you think Abby and Brittany would really like you to post this? Out of respect for them, please erase this. I do not know them, but I have enough common sense to know that this post is innappropriate. Why on earth would you go into detail about their anatomy?

Anonymous said...

wow , you girls have really got some guts , in wish you all the best in life and continue to be brave and never lose hope in life ,
cheers!!-ME!!:) :)

Anonymous said...

Never left a comment on a blog before, Im not a big computer fan but I just wanted to have the feeling that someone who i do not know is reading something that i have written. Almost like looking up at the moon and thinking that someone is looking at it too. Corny, very corny, but a cliche that i enjoy to use. I will for a long while wonder how you both reacted to this comment. Most likely it will b ignored but heh so what. I wont know. Being Anonymous is such a beautiful thing if looked at right. You can be who you want to be. You can be that fucking asshole (who may not be an asshole. He could just be some bored kid. That may make him worse than an asshole. Assholes still have some feeling. A bored kid is one who does not deserve to live because he does not want to.) who wrote a comment above, im sure everyone knows who.and im happy to be writting to you both this way.
maybe il comment again sometime randomly to say hello again.

Anonymous said...

god you people are so restrained

make fun of these people

thats what their here for

all their "friends" just feel sorry for them

Euthanasia: its the right thing to do = )

Anonymous said...

i just want to know...
if i had sex with them, THEY SHARE THE ORGASM????????

Anonymous said...

Oh come on now. Everyone needs to have a sense of humor. I'm not the first anonymous guy (actually I'm a girl), but what he said WAS funny. Lighten up people!

Tim said...

Hi girls. I think your life is awesome and unique.
Don't worry about the rude and inappropriate comments. Just remember, your IQ is double what theirs is. They just have no idea.
Have wonderful fulfilled lives, you deserve it.

Anonymous said...

You Ignorant patronising shower of bastards. Disgusting behaviour.

lulz said...

lol @ the b/tards that have been posting, go become an hero's. these chicks are awesome, you clearly get support from worthy human beings so dont stress bout what the b/tards say, after all they are in fact all basement dwelling permavirgins who will die alone.

Thiago said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Abby and Brittany!

I just finished reading a great book called, 'the girls' by Lori Lansens about conjoined twins.

You are both so inspiring! Thanks for sharing your story!


Anonymous said...

Hello Girls! You are both amazing, and will teach the world that uniqueness is not something that needs to be exterminated or surgically altered! Keep showing all the skeptics and put-downs out there that you two are awesome and strong, twice as capable as an average girl! Don't worry about boys, either, some day the perfect man or men will fall into your laps and love you entirely because you two are so extraordinary.

Much love from Canada!

Anonymous said...

First of all I wanted to say that the people who posted those obscene comments should Shut Up!

Anyway I was wondering what religion (if any) you believe in. And do you agree on it?

In any case I'm sure God has amazing plans for you.

In his hands


Anonymous said...

i think that they have to made an fix cirurgy to make Abigail more on vertical

Anonymous said...

hey am from the UK, Just to say you seem like a great laugh and really down to earth people. Love your pics, reminds me of me and my friends love taken photos

anyways thought i would drop by


Anonymous said...

All those rude ignorant people who are saying bad things need to shut up. These girls have much more going for them then you ever will. they are much stronger people too, you are weak to rip on someone you dont even know. have some class. You are sick. These girls are amazing and so strong. they truly are an inspiration. :]

Anonymous said...

Not at all trying to be like the other a$$holes who are posting stupid comments, but I'm just curious...

When it comes time to get a job (as I assume the girls will be "forced" to share a job and must agree on what they will do,) how will the wages work? I think one of the programs mentioned this topic: Will they each get a paycheck, or will they get one for the both of them? I've thought about it in terms of "cost of living," and as far as what we work for (to "live") the girls will be sharing pretty much everything. I've even considered the fact that they each have their own stomache so they must need more food... however, they share intestines, so I am curious as to how all of that works as well. So I'm thinking maybe they will only need one paycheck to live off of...

I can imagine each girl picking something she likes and then switching off working each of the two jobs for 20 hours during the week... but then I'm left to wonder how health insurance/benefits will work, considering many companies do not offer PT health insurance? Are the girls considered "disabled" which would mean they'd recieve some kind of state/federal aid for their "condition?" Aside from their health, the only other expense I can think of would be the specially-made clothing... help me here if there's something else I'm not thinking of.

And though the other poster made this question pretty much a$$inine, I too wonder how the girls' relationship/sexual experiences will be. Will they share a boyfriend/husband? Will they each have one, which would mean all four of them would HAVE to live together... and if either of their husbands decide they want to procreate, how would maternity be determined?

I wanna say the famous Asian conjoined twins (can't remember their names for the life of me right now) both married, and a set of twins at that. However, they did not share reproductive organs. I am now first doing some research on coinjoined twins and don't know if there are any other examples of coinjoined twins who share reproductive systems aside from Abby and Btittany, but am fascinated to see how that part of their life will pan out.

I just want to say THANK YOU girls for allowing us all to be a part of your life, and I look forward to following you on your life travels should you choose to continue to allow the public into your lives... :)

Anonymous said...

( i am not the cruel insensitive pig that believes it to be humorous to insult people, especially since the people being insulted are your equals.f.y.i.: there is a better way to suffice your curious and immature peanut sized brain.)

Anyway, Hey Brittany, Hey Abigail!

You are truly amazing, but not from a physical perspective. from more of a psychological standpoint. I have been looking up information about all of the different types of conjoined twins. and i have been surprised by the way you two get along with each other. What i was wondering though, was if you had the choice to be surgecally separated and be ensured a "normal" life with perfect health, would you take it or prefer it? Or would you prefer to be separated by a different method. As two individuals, how do you settle your differences. do you just decide to agree or do you each do what you want? thanks alot, your 14 yr. old sister in christ, Haley

Anonymous said...

As soon as I heard my school's baseball team is playing theirs, I jumped at the chance to see a couple of freaks after school, I got there and saw them at the away team's bench. I expected to start laughing or freaking out at the sight but I just looked for a while, I headed towards the bleachers to watch the game with my friends (every now and then looking at them, not to see how wierd they looked but to see they seemed surprisingly normal). I would often see people point, stare and often laugh. whenever I saw people gawking or cracking jokes it made me very sick to my stomach, I wasn't expecting that before I went to the game. Honestly I couldn't see what was so interesting about them as soon as I got there they seemed involved with cheering at talking with the players just like any other high-schooler, because that's who they were, regular high-schoolers. I would have very much liked to talk to them after the game, but after seeing people taking pictures, pointing and staring I felt I should have just walked away instead of making them feel like they weren't normal. I'm not sure as we should look at their situation as a disadvantage because they certainly don't. When I was young I lost my younger brother before I got to know him, so I ask you: would you rather be stuck with your sibling forever or never actually know him/her and miss out on a lifetime of experiences. I also have had some complications in high-school because I have gone through cancer myself, this causes others to pity me or feel bad for me, I can say from experience that It's not a good feeling having everybody staring at your differences. So say what you want about me as soon as I finnish this comment but bear the fact in mind that these ladies want, and are living a normal life weather you think so or not.

Anonymous said...

You two ladies should model. I have never seen two beautiful people before until I saw the both of you.
Really model!

Caity said...

You guys are soo pretty! Omg, me and my sister saw your pic and we were just like, "Wow, those girls are beautiful". Not kidding. You 2 are very brave to make this site. Rock on : )

kimberly said...

I thought Abigail was the left and Brittany was on the right. I'm pretty

Anonymous said...

They should mate with other conjoined two-heads, and start a race of ogre magi.

Taylor Michelle said...

Brittany, Abby,

Hey girls hey!

How's it going? They call me Tayday. So I've always wanted a twin. Never got one. Still haven't til this day. Go figure. Lol. The closest I've got is my kid bro that was born the day before my birthday. Fourty-three more minutes and I would have shared my birthday by three years. And there was this one girl that lived within range. She had the same name as me, first, middle, and last. Born on the same day in the same hospital. On our birth certificates it literally has a taylor1 and taylor2. Once I got her medical bill. Don't know how though. But that wouldn't really count. I was chillaxing with my kid bro the other night, and my madre called me in her room. She was watching one of ya'll's documentararies. I instantly was fascinated. And let me say I think you two are by far the coolest people ever, and that's without even meeting ya'll. And if I sound at all rude or obnocious, I don't mean it. So my madre and I were discussing all the things that ya'll have to be "on the same page" with. And I immediately decided ya'll had to pass Kindergarten with an A++, because I'm sure ya'll got that whole sharing concept nailed to the board. And my mother asked me how would I feel about all the people that are rude to ya'll. I told her that if I were in ya'll's position, that if someone where to smart off to me I would say: "You know? You're right. We are different. You don't see us everyday. But cha know what? How bout this? What if you and everyone that is one soul per body is wrong? What if we turned out how God wanted his people to be? And ya'll were the genetic mutation! You shouldn't talk about things you don't know the whole truth about. Which in your case would be anything and everything. So stop.". But that's just me. And there's so much to say. And I don't want to probe you two, but it's not like that. Not because ya'll are conjoined twins, but because ya'll are so brave, unique in personality from what I know, and just awesomeness. I was wondering if it wouldn't freakk ya'll out to much to become maybe my friend. Ya'll don't have to believe this but I'm Christian and I don't lie. I'm not some 40 year old transexual freakk pervert lost in the middle of the saharrah desert [or however that works]. I'm just a lil ole Texas chick that would like to be ya'll's friend. If ya'll don't mind, mail me.

Till Later.
A Texas Hippi Chick
Taylor Michelle

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Is it embarrassing to each of you if you have sex/ masturbate/ do anything with a guy?

I've always wondered what it's like with conjoined twins when it comes to sexual things. Who feels it? Would each of you date the same guy, or two different guys?


Jemma Bean said...

I Think That You Are Both Amazingly Beautiful, Regardless Of Your Body (I Wasn't Sure How To Put That I Hope I Didn't Cause Offence)You Both Have Beautiful Faces :) And Your Smiles Are Adorable! Ignore The Shallow People Who Judge You. I Will Always Think You Look Pretty. And The Prom Pics? (Is That What It's Called In America?!)Are Stunning :)

drsivana99 said...

Dear Anonymous-- you should probably remain that way. I don't know about God, but your comment is evidence that you have the sort of sense of humor one would expect to have found among the guards in the Nazi concentration camps. The only real humor here is the fact that you're looking down on two people who are worth several thousand of you. Anonymous insults are a particularly loathesome form of behavior. I'm Chuck Miller,
And you are an idiot and a scumbag.

Anonymous said...

What happens if one of them commits a crime and gets sentenced to prison? Would the other be forced to go to? That would be unconstitutional. These girls can get away with anything!

Anonymous said...

You girls are awesome, my lil' sister was watching your programme and you inspiered her so much .. she said you made your lives 'fun' (she's only little.. hehe..!) and to see this lil' girl loving your ambition, your joyfulness and your positive attitude REALLY made me happy..! i hope all your dreams come true..! God Bless you!

as for the people who left those extremely stupid comments... it's you i feel sorry for... having to make your lives better by making fun of others.. nice one.. really.. what a great life you must lead...!fortunately .. people like you don't go far in life.

Anonymous said...

They are amazing.. Also very very beautiful! I have so many questions to ask them.

Anonymous said...

I have some questions but I don't want to be rude. I saw the show on TLC Tuesday. The one where they turn 16. I think that they are absolutely amazing, but I noticed they had said that they wanted to be mothers. So if they had a kid, whose would it be? :P Yeah I know you guys will think I am a "jerk" or whatever you want to call me. But I just wondered.. :/

Anonymous said...

How can you people be so cruel? These girls do not deserve to be ridiculed! They are two beautiful young women, and they are very smart! I know alot of people have a lot of questions, but it's best to just live and let be.

Anonymous said...


I'm from the UK and I saw this like show about you guys on five(H)
I just wanted to say I think its awesome!! (And that you're beauutiful too!) I think it must take a lot to deal with what shallow people might say and it shows how brave and strong willed you are!:D

Keep it up!!;)


Redrum said...

i think the images of these girls might be one of the most beautiful things i have seen in my life.
they are truly a treasure. i love the sparkle in their eyes. i wish them the best.

Anonymous said...

I am an old 73 year old grandmother who greatly admires you girls. You are exceptional in all ways.Just let all negative comments and ugly remarks roll off you like water off a duck's back. The people who stoop so low as to make such remarks are far, far below you.Good luck to you in all things !

Marty From Modesto said...

You think they are cute? I think they both are hot, good looking babes!

There are some post here that prove that some people may look normal but have a flawed brain.

Anonymous said...

Adorable! Two beautiful, happy girls! I wish THEM all the best in their lives.

Anonymous said...

Although I understand valuing privacy, it's sad that they don't see that a number of those people "staring and taking pictures" are truly admirers. They have such a story to share, tho I'm sure right now they just want to enjoy their life story.
I would be very incredibly interested in hearing more from the parents on their parenting issues. Dealing with twin teens is difficult enough, but I'm sure that the way the parents responded to their condition says a lot to their self-confidence and friendships. I'd love to learn some of their parenting techniques! Maybe, hopefully, one day the mom or dad would feel comfortable starting up a parenting message board where they'd be willing to share their parenting experiences, in hopes of helping struggling parents simply trying to find their way along the teen road!
My girl is now 10 1/2 and has decided she barely needs me anymore! She comes back at night and tells me the sweetest love words, but during the day, stay out of her way! I'm concerned if I'm being over- or under- protective. Etc., etc., etc.!

Anonymous said...

Two of the most beautiful people ever created. May you have everything your hearts desire!

Anonymous said...

I think you girls are pretty amazing! You're both very pretty and it seems like you both have great personalities. More power, guys!


Anonymous said...

I think you girls are pretty amazing! You're both very pretty and it seems like you both have great personalities. More power, guys!


Dick MacGuyver said...

What these girls do in their private lives is THEIR BUSINESS! Some of you really need to get your heads out of the gutter! None of us asked to be born the way that we are and if you were in this type of situation I am sure you would want the respect that every human being deserves. Hats off to these ladies and I wish them the best in life! God never gives us more than we can handle! They are a true inspiration and I thank them for sharing their lives with us.
Dick MacGuyver
PS I look forward to seeing many happy graduation pictures, wedding pictures, and baby pictures of these wonderful girls! A bright future indeed!!

Anonymous said...

So, when you two do an exam, are you allowed to talk to each other? If so that is sly on us. Cheaters.

Anonymous said...

whoever made fun of these two amazing girls, GO F*CK YOURSELVES.

Bikkies said...

I think it's incredibly sad that people feel the need to ridicule others at all, let alone at people who are obviously strong, intelligent people. I tjust goes to show how insecure some are in themselves.

As to others who wonder out loud about the sex life these beautiful girls will have, show some decorum and respect their privacy. Just because they are willing to let you into their lives to a certain point, does not give you any right to question things of such a private nature.

Well done girls, you have achieved so much more than many others can even hope for. :0)

Anonymous said...

I believe you two to be extremely strong girls.

There are children starving in Africa, children being beaten by heroin using fathers and physically deformed people whose physical deformities are not unique and don't get them media attention and the money that comes with it. But you two are very strong people because you have to share a body.

So strong.

So strong.

Anonymous said...

Would they get to vote once or twice?

Anonymous said...

Oh dear sweet Jesus, those girls are ugly as sin. Seriously, they have messed up looking faces and a messed up looking body. And they want to get married? Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Who takes the blame when you fart?

Anonymous said...

You know what? a lot of these people are defending them and getting crazy.. RELAX. EVERYONE gets ridiculed or treated differently. Think about it. Fat people, too skinny people, handicapped people, blacks, asians, nerds, DIFF people get treated like SHIT. And guess what? Not everyone gets defended. We let those things happen on a daily basis. Let people speak their opinions even if theyre something YOU don't agree with. People that say "aww you two should model, youre so beautiful!". that's being nice and FEELING SORRY for them. They are NOT beautiful, they are normal. RELAX. Let them live, and stop making them famous because of a stupid malformation. Theyre actually working so hard to show how normal they are(not) and theyre just bratty teenagers. PLEASE. Why does anybody care?
They only person I feel bad about is their mom. I can tell she's been through a lot and suffered a lot.

But STOP giving them special treatment and feeling sorry for them. EVERYONE finds a way. It's NOT hard, it's NOT inspirational what they do, its just how THEY as ONE body learned how to live. And thats all they've known all their lives so it's not like they al of a sudden had to learn how to live with each other. If we were all born retarded like that, we WOULD make it work. If human race ddn't have two arms, I"M PRETTY SURE that everyone wouldd act and feel normal being born without arms and doing things without arms and only with your legs.
STOP with the special treatment.

All I wanted to say.

Anaheim CA

Nick Halley said...

You know i didn't read everything that everyone said, i mainly read the first, second and last comment... To the 1st, your a retard, if you have to make fun of other peoples faults it only shows your most true fault... your a vulnerable sorry son of a b*tch with no real compassion for life. Number 2, thanks for attempting to put number 1 in their place. And for the last, just because you lead a boring, normal, uninspirational life doesn't mean we have to. go back to your plain, self indulged life and live your days in unloved solitude.

To the girls, ive just been researching everything i could find about you two online, and i think what you go through, have gone through, and will go through is simply amazing. You are a true motivation to those of us who think that we have it hard. To think that you have been through so much in life, and have embarrassed it full throttle is a true inspiration. I wish you both well in everything you do, and hope that one day i have the pleasure of meeting you.

Take care

A distant friend....

ET1(sw) Dersham said...

WOW, you girls are incredible, and I guess most people don’t think like me but, let’s get some special body armor and a gun for each of you. No one could sneak up and you cold both target separate threats, amazing.. I wish I had 2 heads. You will never have to worry who has your back..

Emily said...

I saw your show on the Discovery Channel and I was amazed, I just couldn't believe it, and I'm not trying to be offensive, honest, was it hard to leanr how to drive?

Anonymous said...

"There is no jew or Greek, slave or free, male or female for you are all one in Christ Jesus." Galations 3:28

"Be strong in the Lord and in the power of his might." Ephesians 6:10

"I can do everything though Christ who gives me strength." Colossians 4:13

These get me through each and every day! I encouage yall and know that God has a plan for yall and will full fill it!
-your sister in Christ!

Souzeque said...

Hello girls. Your amazing teamwork should be a lesson for us all and so should your courage and good humor.

Those who left cruel or stupid comments did so because of their ignorance, cruelty and insecurity.
They are tempting fate.

Anyhow, best wishes to you both. You are truly inspiring.

Anonymous said...

hey asshole ur the joke!!!!

Anonymous said...

hey thanks 4 posting ur pics, my kids asked me about if there were any people who had 2 heads...i kno u r 2 people but thats just the way they asked. so i showed then these pics and let them kno that this is normal and happens sometimes cuz thats what god wanted. i told them peolpe who r conjoined r normal and have feelings just like us. some people should remember that! anyway thank u for sharing on the internet where everybody thinks they r god and have the right to judge anyone and say anything!!!u r BRAVE!!!

two sets of pure twin trouble!! said...

you girls go!!
take it frm twins!
lots of luv-
sarah and michelle
sallona and marrian

jackie and jessi said...

twin trouble can we hav ur email?
twins jessica ( jessi) and jacklyn (jackie)

Anonymous said...

To those who say making fun of these girls is tempting fate, as in you yourself may wind up with a kid like this one day, I'll say this, if I had a kid(s) like this, I'd do the world a favor and throw them off a cliff. I mean seriously, what happened to the good old days when invalid children were thrown to their deaths, and the ones that survived like this were legendary monsters.

Thank you girls, you're living proof of the real origin of fantasy monsters like two-headed ogres.

Anonymous said...

you know it is hard waking up every morning.knowing you have many things to get done.Life is hard enough.And then to get up and read some of these disgusting comments is very sad.I bet when the twins read these comments,it makes them happy for what they have,and what a loving family they have.Unlike some of you monsters who by the comments weren't even loved by your mother or and father,ask yourselves were you loved?..Then for you to question our God is just insaine,let me tell you something some of you had the nerve to blame God,some of you said it was God sense of humor?!?....You know God said the enemy came to steal kill and destroy,and that those of you that lie are the sons of the father of lies (satan)......In saying all this I hope these girls have a beautiful life,and never have to meet any of you heathens!!!!!!who are worse off and never loved by your own Mother..

Anonymous said...

to: the evil person who wrote

"I'd do the world a favor and throw them off a cliff. I mean seriously, what happened to the good old days when invalid children were thrown to their deaths,

Maybe we should all start by asking YOUR parents why they let YOU live,you seem like a rotten person.Full of self hate.and more then that you seem INVALID...
TO: The Girls

Forgive them for they no not,that they are evil and what and where they are going.

skull king khole said...

i think the 2 girls are pretty cool and there pretty too and come on people making jokes about these girls is seriously inmature can't wait to see you all suffer from some kind of pain cause ass holes like you are what make these girls unconfortable

Anonymous said...

Eric Ladnier said...

These girls are absolutely beautiful. I would say, more but being almost 50 years old I don't want to go to jail or become a social outcast, plus I'm married. Even though marriage is going to pose some obstacles, I don't see a problem. I just hope they don't take the first guys to come along. They definitely don't need to.

Fayer Kane Homeless Brain said...

Nude pictures of the hensel twins were leaked, presumably by a family member, close friend, or someone in their dorm who figured on earning a little unearned currency.

Courtney said...

First off;;It really makes me sick to see how small minded some people are! The way I look at it these TWO girls are no different than me or anyone else out there! They are two completely different people that just happen to be conjoined! But you people just prove to them and to everyone else out there that these two teenage girls are stronger and brave than you will EVER be!!
And second;;You girls truly are amazing! I love my sister but I couldn't imagine having to live that way! You are extremely brave and insperational girls! It is amazing to see that with all that you must go through with all of the meat-heads out there that pick on you and say mean things to you, you still stand just as strong as ever! You two truly amaze me..and not because of what you look like(AND YOU ARE BOTH ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL GILS!)but because of the way that you deal with everything that you go through and all of the obstacles that ever come your way!

Anonymous said...

Wooooooooooooow... that is freaking hilarious its / their parents are retards should have had an abortion before it was born. Never let a freak of nature be born into the world.

(none of the other anonymous)

Anonymous said...

I've been reading some of the STUPID comments that are left, and it makes me think how close minded people can be.You girls are truly amazing...and I would have to agree with all the GREAT !(nice)comments people are giving you. Keep living strong and brave, hope you the best of life.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

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Courtney said...

"Anonymous said...
Wooooooooooooow... that is freaking hilarious its / their parents are retards should have had an abortion before it was born. Never let a freak of nature be born into the world.

(none of the other anonymous)"

Why the heck would you say that?? Cause they look different than you? They clearly have more class and pride than you do! And as for their parents;;why do you say they should have had an abortion? Just because their kids are different from other kids doesn't mean that they don't love them. And it's not like they knew that they were going to be born the way they were! But you obviously don't know how it feels to love someone unconditionally and no matter what they look like! You make it sound like these girls shouldn't be loved because they are different. But the way I look at it is they did not ask to be born the way that they are, so small minded people like YOU should just shut up and stop being so damn ignorant!

Anonymous said...

hey girls, I think that you will be able to accomplish anything you set your minds to in life. You are truly amazing and one of a kind. God made you two to be unique and different from all other people, including each other. I think you are very brave to share your lives with us and put up with some of the obnoxious, disrespectful people post. I admire you very much, and I think you are true heros. I have written a poem for you. It means that no matter how different you are from everyone else, you are still beautiful and people worthy of respect and grace.

Rising high, in the sky,
Wondering why, I can’t fly too.

Gazing at it,
Time is passing.

They say that watching grass grow is a waste of time,
But really, it’s just saving the mind.

Seeing spider webs shine silver,
The beauty inside, Earth has a mind,
Maybe it’s God.

To play in the rain is a rejuvenating wish,
I can dream at least.

Color my ideas with the voices of the wind,
Treasures of the few who know the land.

Let them not be lost forever.
Out of sight, but not out of mind.

Hope you like it. God bless you in all that you do.

Anonymous said...

you to are amazing but i searched you into google images and a picture of u 2 giving blowjobs appeared just thought id say and i would like to know abot how u would vote have sex and if you ere pregnant would you both be legal guardians

Anonymous said...

i was curious about the sex thing too.. i mean its not that im being ignorant or nasty. i just want to know. sex is a passinate thing between couples and i think that you should atleast i dont know.. uhm, tell us ? because im so cunfused on how you guys would have sex. and i heard one of you guys were engaged, and you said in a video that you wanted a baby in the future. and if you went in labor would you both feel it? i guess ill just have to reserch it since you want you life to be private and i suppose i would too. i dont know. im sorry if i offended you or anyone. thanks.

Anonymous said...

id fuck both of them

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if you've noticed Anonymous, but you'd kinda have to fuck both of them. Two girls, one vagina, do the math.

Like most everyone else here, I too am curious about the sexual issues. I've read that they both share feeling from the navel down. Logic would then dictate that they would need to both be prepared to share the same men for the rest of their lives, as any man in his right mind wouldn't want to share his wife's girl parts with another man.

It's as if they were born with a "polygamy gene."

Anonymous said...

Same poster as "polygamy gene" comment...

Just wanted to add that, all you people who think Abigail and Brittany read this page, you're all fucking morons. Learn to read. At the top of this page when you first get here, it says in huge letters "Vinay's Space." This is some blog made by an Indian man in his 30's, in Dubai. All you morons who write "encouraging" words which are otherwise nothing more than degrading comments about 'bravery' and the likes, your words are falling on deaf ears, or blind eyes, depending on your perspective.

Anonymous said...

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cougarc said...

Hey, I know you guys are student teachers at the middle school I went to last year. people had told me about you guys and that you guys are really nice. The comments people are leaving you is sad. I bet it is kinda hard to be conjoined twins but don't let that affect you guys. be strong and live you life.

Anonymous said...

I dont thinks they should be allowed to marry or have sex. i dont mean this in a negative way either. But since they are two separated people in one body, it really make is difficult for them to get married or have sex. One being, if one wants to experience sex and the other doesn't or isn't ready, that would make one of them being raped. and if they get married and one doesn't like the guy or wants another guy. then what happens. i really think America needs to figure these things out before there becomes even bigger problems. just saying. and finally. they can drive and i see problem with that as well. if they kill someone on the road who's fault is it, and who service the time ?

Everyman said...

freak1    [freek] Show IPA
any abnormal phenomenon or product or unusual object; anomaly; aberration.

Every human, plant, animal, is different from any other. Even identical twins have different fingerprints. By this logic every living organism is a freak. I am abnormal by the sheer fact I am the only one who is me. I am an anomaly for I am just one.

For the children, I say children due to maturity shown, that post comments of a less intelligent nature, you should take a long look in the mirror. Realize that you too are a freak. This word when understood to its fullest extent includes all that live.

These two girls would best be described as rare, unique, special. For they are only individuals meaning separate identities. There are no others like them. In that same logic so are all the rest of the living things in this world. For being only one I am also rare, unique, special.

If we are all freaks, rare, unique, and special. Then we are simply normal. Normal meaning just like everyone, everything else in the same category. So Abigail, Brittany, and the rest of the world, I hope you like being normal, because you along with myself and countless others are stuck here. There is no escape. Do something with this normalcy that will lift you up into something that's extraordinary.

Anonymous said...

Sex would be totally cool with these two. They seem well adjusted, fun, and happy. They seem healthier than many people from a psychological standpoint.

It seems they have adapted well in other areas of their lives. There are probably going to do the same in regards to sex.

Although, I would imagine that it would be really tough if one preferred men and the other preferred women.

Korey Wallace said...

Both pretty.
I wanna date Brittany ;-)

Korey Wallace said...

Both pretty.
I wanna date Brittany ;-)

abby a said...

I think its pretty funny that all you people with the jerk comments think these girls are actually taking time to read this BS

Anonymous said...

iwonder if they masterbait xD

Anonymous said...

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