Monday, March 19, 2007

Donald Trump on President Bush!

Watch this video. Some sage words from billionaire Donald Trump. Any sane person will agree that the war was not necessary and was a sheer waste of money. Trump has risked himself by being so brazen here. Trump probably doesn’t care even if he lost a few deals in real estate and a few millions. He has stuck it out. It’s about time America realized its follies and took some corrective measures. Bush might well be the worst President ever in American history. My respect for Trump can only increase for his views here. It indeed is true that America is hated outside as Trump says. Most Americans do not know how they are perceived by the outside world. Trump travels extensively and has experienced it first hand. Clearly the country and its leaders have screwed up and it’s all a terrible situation now. The country is not being run well and the citizens gotta do something about it.

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