Thursday, March 15, 2007

Construction Update of Burj Dubai, World's Tallest Tower

The World's Tallest Tower scheduled for completion in December 2008 - The Burj Dubai as it looks now...don't miss the last picture! It will be over 800 meters tall when complete (click on photos to see bigger).

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sree said...

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keep doing just for us

sree said...

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aisha said...

Burj Dubai is a really something unique, superordinary. It is a symbol of future.
Everything what human beings have learned throughout its evolution, Burj Dubai is a result of it.
Dubai property becomes more popular because of this human masterpiece. It has not ready yet, but it is enough to see how awesome the building will be.

Mikey said...

What a stunning structure that's what I call a super tall skyscraper

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