Saturday, January 20, 2007

Burj Al Arabi - The Tallest Human Shaped Tower

In what could be yet another landmark project, AAA group of Dubai recently announced Burj Al Arabi a building which will be the tallest in the world to be shaped like a human. The picture will resemble an Arab national wearing the traditional Arabic attire of white dress and a Kandura (the head gear in Arabic). If the project is approved and built it will be the tallest at 140 meters height. Dubai’s rapidly emerging sky line will have another record to show. However the Burj Al Arabi has hit controversy with AAA group not having secured permission from Limitless, owners of the Jumeirah Village Master Plan; where the building is to come up.

In my opinion this is yet another extravagant project (estimated at $140 million) that Dubai can do without. The Government might do well to spend their energies on more meaningful projects of immediate requirement. Consider the public transport system which is currently in a big mess. There is a dearth of city buses and taxis at peak times. Or the metro project which should have been operational by now. A subsidized health care system to its residents or more parking spaces in the vehicle crammed Dubai are more urgent requirements. I am not sure if the Dubai’s priorities such as this are right for the country and its denizens.

Anyways; watch this space for updates on the project and final approval by Limitless which might after all become a reality considering Dubai’s love for such architecture.

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