Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Ajman Likely to Have Its Own Metro System

There is news of Ajman; Dubai’s neighboring emirate to build its own railway network. Ajman’s metro system may eventually connect to other emirates and to Dubai. The chairman of Ajman Municipality revealed this likelihood a couple of days ago. This is great news and will mean major changes in travel life styles of people from Sharjah and Ajman to UAE. Should Ajman metro become a reality; it will have major positive impact solving traffic problems. Ajman metro will need involvement of Sharjah Emirate. Ajman being right next to Sharjah; Ajman rail has to pass through Sharjah.

If the metro becomes a reality then UAE real estate scene will change dramatically. Currently Ajman also offers freehold properties to foreign residents in a limited way at throw away prices. When compared to Dubai free hold properties Ajman freehold is outright cheap. Foreign investors willing to invest in UAE property should think of Ajman from the pint of view of investment and appreciation. If the metro gets operational then Ajman land and property prices are bound to move up. However don’t expect this to happen soon. It may take a minimum of 6-8 years. Remember Ajman and other emirates cannot compete with Dubai in terms of speed of execution of projects. Dubai metro is starting off in September 2009.

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