Friday, December 22, 2006

Thoughts on John Chow's Website

I stumbled upon a website called John Chow just a couple of months ago and I have fallen in love with it. John Chow lives in Vancouver, Canada a country I still have not been to. I live in Dubai, UAE the other side of the world! His site should be of interest to any one who has just started blogging, has adsense on his site, is thinking of SEO optimization or is interested in the latest dot come happenings. One of the things that he writes is how to make money with a blog. I think his site is aptly titled ‘The Miscellaneous Ramblings of a Dot Com Mogul’. Consider this: he is at the helm of The TechZone, TTZMedia and Digitalgrabber. The TechZone is one of the largest computer hardware review sites on the net, with over 600,000 unique visitors per month. He started most of these out of passion and nothing more. That explains for his success. When you do things with passion your odds of success are higher. His personal website gets a whopping 200,000 unique visitors a month. His site has a technorati rating of 1529, not a mean task by any standard. However; according to a reviewer at for 200,000 visitors John Chow’s earnings should be higher than what it is now.

What I love about John Chow’s website is his own original thoughts and his straightforward and down to earth style of writing. His posts keep you abreast of the latest internet happenings. It is one thing to fill up a site with copied content and another to reach a stage where you come up with one new thought or idea every day. John Chow is able to do that today. I make it a point to visit his site once a day since I know there is something interesting or original. I also like the fact that John Chow shares his very personal life on his site. In my view it gives that personal touch which is necessary for a blog’s success. There is a lot that I have learnt from his site but have not as yet started implementing since my blog is new and I first want to build up good content. I love the way he reviews his monthly earnings. He writes about it and analyses the channels of his income. He is one of those elite bloggers who perhaps does not need another source of employment. I suppose he can make a living with his blog income. There was a payperpost request to do a review of his site, but I have not bothered to check it. I am doing this because I like his site more than anything else. I would have done a write-up of his site sooner or later because he deserves it.

The proof of his success and popularity can be gauged from the fact that he has already got close to 2,000 referral sign ups for the newly launched AGLOCO of which he is positive (just like me, but I have managed to get only referral so far, tips required here John!). I recently received a mail from AGLOCO which has given him the second rank in referrals. Amazing! When Alladvantage was launched a few years ago John made a killing.

I thought the hi-fi car on the header of his website is not the perfect representation of his site. But perhaps he is saying that he loves the good things of life like the sports car that he displays; doing what he loves which is blogging.

To summarize, what I like about his site:
1. Great original content and an elegant looking site without much clutter.
2. His easy thought flow and style of writing.
3. Up do date info about the latest geek or dotcom happenings, most of which I would'nt know if I did not check his site.
4. Great ideas about how to make money with a blog. Very useful tips and tricks for monetizing a blog.
5. Continuous interesting posts on a daily basis. Arouses curiosity and makes you want to go to his site and check.
6. Personal touch to his site where he shares his personal thoughts like charity, his family etc.

I have to tell John one thing though – His posts have a lucid style no doubt, but many a time there are a couple of grammatical errors in them. I could show at least one mistake in terms of grammar in most of his posts. Make a more thorough grammar check, John before you put your writings on the site. I am particular about grammar! Other than this there is nothing else I can complain about. Accept my compliments John. You are good at what you do. Good luck to you. Keep up the tempo. I am predicting more successful days for you on the World Wide Web.

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