Friday, December 01, 2006

AGLOCO Update, It's Worth Signing Up

Just when I thought there was not going to be much information, a well known blogger posts an informative post with questions answered from Akshay Mavani, AGLOCO’s founder.

The first question answered is that the Viewbar will not have spyware. Well I personally don’t think too much of this. I know other people have but if the Viewbar launched and it truly contained spyware people would be leaving faster then you can click away from this page. Another minor point is that AGLOCO will tell everyone one beforehand what info is tracked so they can better target ads that will get. The second is what do you get for surfing per month and what do you get for your referrals?

1 Hour of Surf Time = 1 AGLOCO Share

Here is what AGLOCO says about it:

In the beginning of this program, AGLOCO will be rewarding members with shares of the company. 1 hour of surfing time equals 1 share. Members will be able to accumulate 5 shares per month based on the current limits. Members will get 0.25 shares per hour for people in their network. As an example, if some one has 1,000 members in his network and all 1000 members in his network surf the maximum 5 hours, he would receive 1,250 shares, plus 5 shares from his own surfing (for 5 hours max), totaling to 1,255 shares per month. How much will those shares be worth? It may be hundreds, thousands or even millions. It really depends on how fast the network grows and how well management handles this growth.

As AGLOCO starts to earn income from the Viewbar, members will be able to trade their hours for cash as well as shares. The amount per hour will be adjusted periodically to reflect income earned and company net worth. After a successful IPO, surf hours will mostly trade for cash, but shares will still be available. However, don’t expect to get 1 share per hour at that time.

So there could be a lot to gain and little to lose. So sign up for AGLOCO now. Click now to sign up

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